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We provide electric products and system solutions, especially Wiring Accessories / Cable Management
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One of most professional Zip ties|Nylon cable ties manufacturers in China

We manufacture Nylon cable ties and wiring accessories , available in many sizes, lengths, package and tensile strengths used in industry standards.Using high quality nylon PA66 which are always inspected by ELLELITE to insure they meet our standards, we are trusted Nylon cable ties Manufacturer in China.

nylon cable ties
cable clips
cable makers
tie mounts
heat shrinkable tubing
cable glands
wring duct
cable terminal
expand plugs
sprial wrapping bands

Why Are We The Best?

free guidance of the whole process of assembly, free consultation of telephone and email, reply within 24 hours

help to improve production and stabilize quality, free support of technology, help to solve problems met in production
free support of develop, guarantee update and upgrade

on-site service for our partners

We Are Here To Serve You

ELLELITE MCB PARTS SOLUTION =MCB parts+ equipments +assembly guidance
PROVIDE SERVICE TO ALL Solve all problems during production

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