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A cable tie, whether you call it zip ties, wire ties , tie wrap ,a hose tie, zap-strap, or tie-wrap, is a type of fastener, designed for bunching electric cables or wires and to manage cables and wires. Ellelite carries a complete line of cable ties in a variety of styles including both original and specialty ties. Available in many sizes, lengths, package and tensile strengths.



  • Colored: Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow
  • Beaded: Unique beaded design makes them easily releasable and reusable
  • Releasable: Actually release without cuttingit free, reposition easily
  • Identification:Feature labeling area for written or printed identification

Why Electricians Love Cable Ties

The biggest reason electricians appreciate cable ties is that they’re a really moveable tool. Electricians want tools that are simple to use and might be transported while not a problem. cable ties are tiny and made up of a sustained plastic that produces them extremely useful.

Zip ties are nice on the task as a result of they’re tools that have many uses. One among their biggest uses is with organization of elements or equipment. The multiple colors will represent totally different lengths, styles, or power levels in order that they will be grabbed in a hurry.

The easy-to-use zip ties are nice for holding down items or keeping tools in situ throughout shipping. As a result of several of the elements concerned in trade and equipment are tiny and long, the cable ties function a really sturdy restraint.

The plastic grip is stronger than a Velcro tie, and it’s tougher to tug apart. Pressure has to be placed on the lip of the cable tie so as to unleash. This helps to scale back the probabilities the tie can return undone on the task or throughout shipping.